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Wolf Awakens:Sexy Movie Star or Childhood Crush

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actor/actressFirst lovefriends to loversrevengeromanceschool/campusweak to strongwerewolfAlpha mateLove triangle

Nina Singh dies during an attempted rape. She reincarnates as her former seventeen-year-old self on the night when her virginity was sold off for auction. Her worst nightmare becomes her present once more. But this time around, she finds within herself a new power, the power of her she-wolf. Will she be able to change her past? Alarik Akin is tall, handsome, and a famous movie star. With an aggressive temper, he gets the nickname of the Living Devil. His true ambition is to retake what’s rightfully his: the Alpha throne. But for that, he needs to be able to subdue his wolf. Only his fated mate can help him. Will he find her? Nick Karsten is rich, smart, and has been Nina’s crush for as long as she remembers. Cold and mysterious, he never acts without a plan. Even though he’s Alarik’s only friend, he has his own agenda when it comes to Nina and the pack. Will the pieces of the puzzle fall as he wants them to?

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