True Luna By TessaLilly | Libri

True Luna


The Alpha King's Hated Slave By Kiss Leilani | Libri

The Alpha King's Hated Slave

Kiss Leilani

The Alpha CEO's Unloved Wife By Everleigh Miles | Libri

The Alpha CEO's Unloved Wife

Everleigh Miles

Two sugar daddies By Selena23 | Libri

Two sugar daddies


Million dollar bride By Rancho Nguyen | Libri

Million dollar bride

Rancho Nguyen

Ella's father was in a car accident and needed a large sum of money for surgery. David Anthony - a young billionaire helped her pay for surgery on the condition that she become his wife within three years. During those three years, the two pretended to be intimate but actually slept in two different places. It all started when Maria - Davidl's childhood friend - returned from abroad to study. Her wish is to be David's wife. Hearing that David was married, she almost went crazy, trying to harm Ella.

Mafia Vengeance By Kathleen Hayat | Libri

Mafia Vengeance

Kathleen Hayat

"Shut the fuck up!" He snickered and next thing he flipped her around on her stomach. He grabbed both of her wrists behind her arched back. He was holding her in a way that her ass was up for him. He pushed her dress up, baring her rear to his sinful eyes. His thumb caressed her wet vertical lips. "Time for your punishment." He husked and next thing her whole body jolted badly when his warm tongue caressed her from down there. Her eyes widened to the size of saucers when she realized what he was up to. "Don't!" She warned him and wriggled to get out of his hold which was impossible. "Definitely not!" He breathed on her core and next thing his face dipped between her thighs as he started eating her like a man deprived of food for ages. ** #18+

Awakening of The Alpha King's Luna By TrapSelenaOfBooks | Libri

Awakening of The Alpha King's Luna


Harley was only 13 years old when everyone in her pack were killed. Only she managed to escape under the protection of her pack's warriors, forcing her to become a rogue. One day she accidentally broke into unknown territory, their alpha took her in to become a maid for his pack. And after a year of abuse, and getting rejected by her mate Harley finally dies. But what happens when the moon goddess gives her a second life and a second chance mate? Will Harley make the same mistakes as she did in her previous life or will she be stronger than she was before?

Revenge Of The Returning Wife By Ivy Powers | Libri

Revenge Of The Returning Wife

Ivy Powers

“Go after her! don't let her out of your sight! “We can't afford to let her slip out of our hands this time, she needs to die, we need to make sure she does! the voice rang out through her mind as she runs for her dear life in the middle of the night. she ran as fast as she could but they soon caught up with her with one swift move. without wasting more time, the leader of the gang shoots at her and she fell, bleeding heavily. “Miss Samantha! the job is done, the princess is dead! the man said. when she heard the name of the person who ordered her to be put to death, her heart tweaks. in the next splitting second, she was pushed down the cliff. Five Years Later, She is back With only one goal; Befriend the enemies and revenge

Resisting Damien Adams By Xavier's Heart | Libri

Resisting Damien Adams

Xavier's Heart

Damien Adams, Arrogant, cold, and extremely attractive Madison Smith's new boss. She can't stand him to death, and annoyingly, fate keeps putting Madison in irrational situations with her new boss. She keeps reminding herself that he's just her boss. At first, her bumbling demeanor seems to annoy her boss, but it gets worse when Adams suddenly starts enjoying the company of the clumsy Madison. Not that Damien's supremely alluring presence causes Madison enough trouble at work as she now has a sister in love to deal with. Her sister Sophia is head to toe in love with Damien Adams and is determined to do whatever it takes to make Damien hers. However, Madison's world is turned upside down when Damien proposes a deal she is forced to make.

The Last Lycan Alpha King By RailaJean | Libri

The Last Lycan Alpha King


"Mommy, is Alpha really my dad?" My 4 year old son,Cage asked, choking out a sob. "Is Cag my son?" My mate, Dash questioned, his voice is as cold as ice. "ANSWER ME!" "Yes, he is our son, I'm sorry." I sobbed. "Liar! I kept asking you who my father was but you just locked me in this house!" cage cried. "You will not be my luna, ever. My son will be with me" Dash said, left with Dash. I was all alone again, everyone left me. I was back to where I was before I came here to this pack, all alone. --- After being betrayed by his girlfriend with his worst enemy, Dash make a rash decision out of pure anger and hatred not knowing the same girl is his mate and the Luna. After he returns from alpha camp and becomes alpha, a lot of dark secrets that have been hidden for years are reviewed.