True Luna By TessaLilly | Libri

True Luna


My Puppet Wife By Shi Wu | Libri

My Puppet Wife

Shi Wu

Hit The Ice By WhoooahKay | Libri

Hit The Ice


Luna Reign By TexasPurpleRose72 | Libri

Luna Reign


Ascension of a Gamma By Caine Casann | Libri

Ascension of a Gamma

Caine Casann

I always knew who I was born to be, but the Goddess had other plans. She deprived me of the one thing I needed to fulfill my duty. I disappointed my pack, I lost the ones I loved, and my purpose was losing its worth. I persevered for years, waiting for the day I could leave my pack. But my plans were thwarted yet again when She fated me as mate to an infamous Alpha. It would’ve been alright had I not known about his dirty little secret. Lost and confused, who would’ve known that I would one day stumble upon something that would undo everything I knew about the past. And because of it, I’d find myself asking about my real identity and destiny. I’m Anna Bella Fiora, future Head Gamma of the White Lake Pack. Well, at least I thought I was.

The Unwanted Mate By Mooncake | Libri

The Unwanted Mate


The alpha roughly brought her closer to him, his gaze hovering over the girl like the shadow of a thunderstorm. "Everything happened according to your wish, didn't it? " Keiran's voice was dangerously low. "You ruined everything! You!—a pathetic creature like you made me put my Pack in danger!" He seethed, making the omega flinch. Evelyn looked up and she was greeted with a pair of fiery red eyes staring back at her. "Are you going to stand there like a mute?" He asked, frustrated that the omega wasn't uttering a single word. "I-I'm sorry, A-Alpha..." Evelyn didn't even know what she was sorry about but she just wanted her mate to calm down. She didn't want him to be angry. He already hated her enough. ●○●○●○●○ Evelyn is an omega, the lowest rank among the werewolves. The girl had to suffer a lot since childhood. Constantly hiding and living in fear killed her spirit. With an unknown enemy chasing her day and night, she was on the brink of losing hope. That's when he found her. Keiran Winter, the Alpha of one of the powerful Packs in the world, despised the weak with a passion. So when he got to find that his mate is the weakest human he has ever seen, it wasn't all rainbows and butterflies for him. He wanted nothing to do with her. But he was everything to her. **** Hello guys, please check out my new book 'Bride Of The Alpha King'. Here's a little blurb of the book; Irene jumped off the bridge to kill herself. But when she opened her eyes she was in another world. She was royalty and had a family. She was happy but nothing was perfect. Irene had to marry the king of lycans. A man whose heart is colder than ice and harder than stone. Will a girl who gave up on love and a man who's unable to love can fall for each other? Read to find out... Check out the book for a detailed description. (Daily updates)

Her Tormentor Alpha By Lizzie | Libri

Her Tormentor Alpha


Starting from being best friends to slowly departing as strangers and developing into the relationship of victim and bully, Aria's connection with Hunter didn't have any other specks to grow but when fate puts them under the spell of its own-The unexpected occurs, and on Aria's eighteenth birthday which she expected to be the best day of her life, becomes her worst nightmare. It turned out that her mate is none other than Hunter Rodriguez. On one hand, there was Hunter's realization of his mistake and his attempts to earn his mate's forgiveness and on the other hand, there was Aria's fight to resist the mate bond and her feelings for Hunter that grew without any boundaries. And once the sudden mysterious rouge attacks began to take over putting everyone's lives in danger; For the pack in need of a Luna --Aria and Hunter had to work together to overcome the storm. And....the destined bond demanded to be felt. But in this ever-growing fire and electric pull between them, there were someone's dark intentions and greed for power that threatened to tear them apart and Aria unknowingly became the main attraction of the one regulating all the attacks, this was the time for Hunter to prove his love and for Aria to make her decision. Is she going to succeed in keeping her feelings for the irresistibly handsome Alpha determined to gain his mate's forgiveness away or will she see through the blessing she supposedly considered a curse? what if before any of these could happen that the unknown enemy sheltering under the pack might win and destroy everything?

The Mafia's Woman By Berry Julie Writes | Libri

The Mafia's Woman

Berry Julie Writes

"You okay?" He asks her and she nodded but the look on her face stats she's scared. "I'm fine" She muttered. "Did they hurt you?" He asked. "No" "Look at me. Look at me Elsa!" He insisted and Elsa shivered. "Can I ask you?" "What?" He asked. "Can you please remind me how I meet you." Elsa said. "It all started at a party" He said. ___ Her name is Elsa, A nineteen years old naive girl. Beautiful with hazel eyes. She was being treated differently by her family members. What did she do? Getting raped wasn't her fault. Is that the reason she has to be treated so bad?! Everything changed, in just One day. Every day she ask herself, how on Earth did she get to meet the bad Mafia Boss! Can her life get anymore better?

Dangerous Temptation-Kissed by the Panthers By Andrea0 | Libri

Dangerous Temptation-Kissed by the Panthers


"You are OURS! Say it!" Scared and broken. Evelyn is afraid of her own shadow, running from her past and without having hope for her future. Until she stumbles upon three shifters who are nothing like what she'd ever expected! Evelyn gets caught into a world full of secrets revelations and three dominant men who will change her life to a point of no return. The question she going to be able to resist such a Dangerous Temptation?!

The Dirty Rockstar By E.L Shorthouse | Libri

The Dirty Rockstar

E.L Shorthouse

One night, one event that my model best friend drags me to is all it takes to change everything, to turn my world upside down. When women all around the world hear the name Ashton Carter they swoon. A talented, handsome rockstar who has no issues making women weak to their knees. He is rude and arrogant, one of the bad boys of the music industry—the type of man I would never get involved with. I don't need that drama in my life. —---------- “Mmm, you taste good.” Ashton groans, l*cking his lips. I have a lot to learn, and he is a fantastic teacher.