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WOLFBANE SERIES BOOK 2 ***It is highly recommended you read book 1, Wolfbane, before starting this one for context and to avoid spoilers.*** "We both spoke at the same time, 'Mate!' I quickly covered my mouth and came to, realizing the situation before me. I had just killed his father, and he knew. Overwhelmed, I shifted into my wolf, tearing all the clothes I was wearing, and jumped out of the window, running into the dark night." For twenty years, Talia didn't know a life outside of the brothel where she was raised by her mother, the only family she has, living as a human and hiding as a werewolf in plain sight. After finally saving enough money to escape and restart their lives together, her mother is found dead, killed by one of her johns, the former alpha of the Pine Forest Pack. Distraught by the murder, Talia sneaks into his house to avenge her mother's death, only to discover that she is mated to his son. *Content Warning: This is a romance with dark themes including explicit adult content, graphic violence, offensive language, and other content some may find offensive. Read at your own risk.*

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