Wild Adventures By AsiaDavid | Libri

Wild Adventures


Sex is delicious. No one in their perverted mind will claim otherwise. So when a chance for a too good to be a true moment of one's life knocks at its door or when what happened a while ago was something you would have never thought would some people grab these chances some regret it for a lifetime not indulging. A one-night stand or a quickie with a consenting individual is an easy fix.

The Carrero Contract By L.T.Marshall | Libri

The Carrero Contract


CAMILLA WALTERS thought she had come to the end of the road when fate caught up with her. Nowhere left to run or hide, on the verge of becoming fish food at the hands of drug runners she owed a lot of money to. That was until fate brought her ALEXI, head of the family CARRERO - The unexpected hero who saved her ass and changed her life in one easy maneuver. Who knew she would have to sign her soul over to the devil in a bid to stay alive and in doing so, lose her heart and mind in the process. This is not your typical hearts and roses story - Let the games begin and the war commence.

The Bully's Obsession By Angelashyna001 | Libri

The Bully's Obsession


Being an average nerd who struggles through her high school life, Graciela Evans will never believe that one day she would become the main target of her school’s infamous bad boy. But fate likes playing tricks. How could she imagine that Hayden Mcandrew, the hater who once took pleasure from bullying her will come back to this town one day and transfer to her school after mysteriously moving out two years ago? Haunted by that past nightmare, Graciela wants nothing but to run away. However, it was until that Hayden Mcandrew stands in front of her that she finally realized, there’s no way for her to escape. This time, that demon will make her repay for what she had owned him. Not even a cent less. To know more about this intriguing dark romance, please read:

The Awakening of the Crowned Wolf By MysticMajesty | Libri

The Awakening of the Crowned Wolf


The prophecy of a Vampire King who sought total dominance over the mystical creatures of the world has been whispered among the werekind for generations. But when Alexi, a seemingly ordinary human girl, discovers she is gifted with the power of the White Wolf, she must confront a destiny she never expected. With her newfound abilities, Alexi must battle against a team of werewolves led by her mate in order to prove her worth and save her species. But as Alexi grows in power, she must confront the darkness within her own heart that threatens to consume her.

The Frigid Bride By ChhaviGupta | Libri

The Frigid Bride


No one knows that Robert Taylor has been in love with his brother's wife since he saw her for the first time at his brother's death. His brother had an accident and died shortly after their marriage. Though he can manage this multinational company as a CEO, he just can’t manage his feelings for Avni Sharma, who is quite frigid and keeps her heart shut down after that disaster. He comes to her, offering a job as the babysitter of his nephew and niece, and gradually melts her heart. Just wish that time could stop at the moment when they finally confess love to each other. But, what a shock to see his brother, her ex-husband coming back, from death!!!??? Well, an “ex-husband” who just rises from death will definitely be unhappy to see his “ex-wife” smiling so sweetly to his brother. And, revenge just starts...

Twisted Addiction to My EX By HaiYue | Libri

Twisted Addiction to My EX


He was cold to me for a year after the wedding, plus there were countless rumors about his affair with multiple actresses, so I finally realized that I could never get his true love. Well I agreed to divorce. But how come he suddenly wanted to have a car intimacy with me and deliberately let the paparazzi take pictures?

A Hard-on in a Village By A Lonely City | Libri

A Hard-on in a Village

A Lonely City

Long Gen pretended to be a fool who actually took advantage of those young girls in his village. So many beauties yearned to sleep with him for he was well known for his sexual performance. Here was a widow who leaned against the door staring fixedly at him. There was a newlywed spotting him through windows. In the novel, you could read numerous affair stories!

A Doctor for Intimate Parts By Justice Cane | Libri

A Doctor for Intimate Parts

Justice Cane

After a crazy night, I, a loser doctor, became able to find G-spot in women, for which I was famous in my city. There were so many women turning to me for help, like an elegant and sexy CEO, a pretty and coquettish widow or a young and wealthy girl. I could not only teach them how to enjoy their sex lives but also help to cure their intimate parts! Believe it or not, everyone's lust for sex would be satisfied under my guidance!

The Railwalkers By fancynovel | Libri

The Railwalkers


America, 1887. In a country healing from the horrors of the Civil War, the American West has never been more treacherous. Evil men do as they please, and the often faulty and corrupt justice system does little to nothing to help their victims. Enter the Railwalkers. Bandits whose only goal is to punish those whom the law has allowed to walk free. Some think they're an urban legend, meant to scare would-be criminals into submission. Some see them as no different than the murderers they kill, while to others, they are angels of mercy. To Violet Donovan, they are family. Growing up as the sole heiress to the sizable Donovan estate, Violet's place of privilege allowed her wild spirit to flourish. Despite the pressures of her sex -- find a husband, stay pretty, have children, be subservient, don't speak out of line -- Violet is passionate, loud, stubborn, and untamed. However, at the ripe, marriageable age of twenty, Violet faces the fact that she may have to give in to her mother's wishes and marry mean, ugly Eustace Carpenter, the only other family name in their little town with comparable worth. But Violet's life changes forever when she is saved from an attacker by a strange woman. A woman who, like Violet, doesn't exactly fit the mold. Unfortunately Violet gets mixed up in a murder charge and has to leave everything she knows for a life on the run from the law. Through divine intervention, she and the woman cross paths again, and Violet comes to know her and her comrades. They are Mei Wong, Linus Cooper, Sitting Bear, and Rory McNab. The infamous Railwalker gang.

I Once Thought You Were My Life By Fantasy world | Libri

I Once Thought You Were My Life

Fantasy world

I have untold affection for him, endless obsession. But when love comes to an end, I have to give up everything. Too late to say goodbye, too late to say goodbye.